Organisation Profile

Delft University of Technology (TUD) is the largest university of engineering sciences in the Netherlands. TU Delft carries out world-class, cutting-edge research to find solutions for society's present and future demands. The education TU Delft provides is internationally recognized and research-based. Research is clustered around multidisciplinary themes, such as nanotechnology, life sciences and high-tech systems. The Optics Research Group is part of the department of Imaging Science & Technology (IST) within the Faculty of Applied Sciences. Its research mission is in nanometer-scale lithography, ultra-high density optical microscopy, medical optics, solid state lighting and optics for solar. The wavelength region covered in the teaching and research program of the department extends from the extreme UV spectral band to the domain of terahertz-frequencies and focuses on the interaction of light with matter in this wide spectral region. The Optics Research Group, participates in the Erasmus Mundus Master Course “Optics in Science & Technology” (EMM OPSciT ech).