Basalt Crusher Equipment Supplier

Overview: basalt is an important material in the word. More and more country begin to pay attention to this kind of material. Because basalt can be widely used in industrial and civil construction industry, using modern special technology to produce building materials, different structure fundamentally greatly improves the quality of construction, strengthen the seismic strengthening, impact resistant, fire prevention safety and heat preservation and energy saving effect.

Brief introduction Basalt crusher

Shanghai Shibang machinery according to its many years' crushing experience has developed efficient crusher successfully. This kind machine has simple structure, high efficiency, discharged granularity, long working life, maintenance is convenient, at present, no matter at home or abroad, water and electricity, roads, municipal and other artificial sand aggregate production is widely used.

Why should pay attention to the choice of crusher plant

As we all know, in high grade highway pavement and construction during the grass-roots level, we need a lot of grade crushed stone materials to meet the requirements of as all kinds of concrete aggregate. For example, in the aggregate cement concrete pavement material account should for more than 80% of its total quality. So sand production line equipment is one of the basic equipment of highway engineering material production, its broken way, different size, productivity and comprehensive economic benefits are directly affect the investment of highway construction and progress.

The impact crusher machine for basalt

Our company supply the impact crusher as coarse crushing, the reasons are as followings: the impact usher is the third create sand machine for plastic sand technology is mature, the tone granite is reliable, stone granite are the needle flake content control within 10% of the target can be achieved completely.

Advice about using crusher for basalt

From the above information, when designing crushing process of first choose the third create sand machine equipment, avoid to choosing extrusion equipment. According to the principle of impact crushing equipment, on granite broken needle flake can be controlled below 5% ~ 10%. So we should first consider the following three points in design of broken production line. Early crusher consider using impact crusher, in order to achieve control during early broken needle flake. Adopt two stage crushing off too many fine aggregate, improve resource utilization; Selects the high performance simplify crusher links, improve the production line running on of economy.